Georgie Tier (The Punisher) Born London 1963 -55years old

Georgie founded Fit Factory in 2013.  She has been involved with competitive gymnastics and Ice figure skating since early childhood, later coaching both sports.    In 1992 she expanded her qualifications and began teaching Circuit Training, Weights, Movement to Music, Fit Ball,  Suspension Training (TRX) and Kettlebells.   She met her husband and Fit Factory co-owner Julian through fitness, when both of them trained at the same time in Central London.  Her main interest is weight training.  She has competed nationally in both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, and Internationally in Ice Figure Skating.  She has a diploma in Understanding Eating Disorders, and continues to study all aspects of Nutrition and Fitness. With over 25 years teaching experiencein the industry, Georgie offers her clients truly knowledgeable coaching sessions. Tailor made to fit their exact needs.

Julian Tier  (The Sarg) Born East Sussex 1966 - 52 years old

Julian is joint owner of Fit Factory.  His childhood sports were Sprinting and Football. During his teens and twenties he raced Moto Cross. In 1992 he began his fitness coaching courses, qualifying as a weights and circuits instructor. In the years that followed he added Sports Massage to his CV.  An extremely talented coach, who sees way beyond his clients wants and needs. Julian is able to breakdown movements and discover his clients muscular and skeletal imbalances.  A really professional trainer with over 25 years of experience.