Let's hear it from The Girls     -     We may be a fairly 'hard core' looking gym, but we value our ladies.  Here's what some of them  said:

The Fit Factory is the most welcoming gym you'll go to. Georgie is fantastic at encouraging you to do things you never knew you could do! I've never enjoyed exercise before coming here!    Ari ( aged 27 )

Love coming to The Factory. Georgie, Sarg and all the members are always welcoming and supportive, no matter what size, medical problem or lack of understanding you have.    Leanne.

My testimonial is aimed at active pensioners. I went to Fit Factory originally to keep healthy. I am addicted now!  I tried other gyms which I found boring. I love the variation in our classes which are 10am - 10.45 am and I have the rest of the day free. I can go at my own pace, but the motivation I get from the classes is amazing. I find it hard to believe how good I feel doing three classes a week, mentally and physically.   Yvonne

Hi, I attend two classes at Fit Factory, Step To It and Ab Funk - they are absolutely brilliant and such fun, as well as getting you in shape. Sarg and Georgie were most welcoming to me and that I found really lovely. They are both so helpful and if you can't manage to do everything in class, they will advise you of an easier way, more suited to you. They are so encouraging and that's what I need. I can honestly say the best gym I have been to in a long while and I love it. It's a very friendly atmosphere whatever your age and the men and women who attend are great fun too.  Regardless of your ability, we all have a laugh. Thank you for letting me be part of it.      Gabs

Having joined Fit Factory over two years ago I have lost over two stone and lost inches around my body. I have gained much more muscle mass and my body shape has changed for the better and continues to change. The tape measure 'wins' over the scales. Ditch those scales!!!    Monica Grant

Such a great place. Georgie and Julian make everyone feel so welcome - whatever their age.   Pam (over 60 )

The Fit Factory is simply the friendliest and most encouraging gym I have ever been to Love it!!!    Jo B.

I first met Georgie at her Boot Camp and 45 minutes later I wasn't sure I would ever breathe again. I went back the following week much to Georgie's surprise and 3 years later I'm still there at the Fit Factory. I have trained hard to achieve a level of fitness I have never had. With Georgie and Julian's help I have had the opportunity to take part in Race for Life 5k twice, 10k Major Series Mud Race, twice, Bedgebury 10k Trail Run, 10k Beachy Head and the most challenging the SAS Selection Fan Dance 24k over Pen-y-fan in Brecon Beacons. If you put in 100% they give you it back in encouragement, training and advice. I am addicted to Fit Factory.    Karen

Our female clients range from late teens to mid 70's. They all have one thing in common - They never quit trying to do their best.