This page describes the sessions available at Fit Factory - Get an idea of what our various training sessions are like, and what's involved in each. For actual class times and days please go to our OPENING TIMES page.

STRETCH MASTERCLASS - On a Monday evening we address your Flexibility by focussing on different areas of the body each week

TRUE GRIT - The only class in the area that combines Heavy Weights, Kettlebells and  Heavy Boxing Bags.  Padwork after the class.

THE BIG SWEATY BOLICS - A very intense class, concentrating on different body parts each week

METABOLIC MELTDOWN - Tuesday evening class with a combination of  Weights and Aerobic activity

MIDWEEK MADNESS - By Wednesday our energy levels dip, this session is designed to pick you up until the weekend.

CORE & WEIGHTSCore Work with Weights and Kettlebells added into the mix, sometimes in a circuit format

BOXING CIRCUITS - Working the Heavy Bags in combination with bodyweight exercises  produces an excellent class for all round fitness followed by optional Padwork

CORE BLIMEY - A mix of Cardio and Weights with an evil Core element

VENOM - A 30 minute, high octane blast - always a surprise

KAPOW - A very intense 30 minute class using all the Heavy Bags and the Floor to Ceiling ball. A great way to start the weekend. Followed by optional Padwork